Simon Rodriguez Pages

Ateliers 234, President & Partner

Associate Architect
Architect D.P.L.G., graduated from UP7 and 8 in 1983
Registered with the Ordre des Architectes - National number: 029371
Simon RODRIGUEZ-PAGES is a founding partner of Ateliers 2/3/4 / since 2005, as well as the Faubourg 2/3/4 / urban planning workshop, created in 2000. Previously he was a partner with Pierre BOLZE from 1991 To 2005 in the agency Bolze & Rodriguez architects.
He has developed projects in various fields: urban project, landscape, offices, hospital, public equipment, international competitions ...
Professor at the Paris Val de Seine School of Architecture.
Visiting teacher of architecture school of Pamplona Spain (2006/2010/2013).
Architect adviser of the state (from 1991 to 1997).
Project manager at the Ministry of Education (1994).