Thierry Huau

Founder of Interscène Landscape architecture

Landscapist DPLG and urban planner, the ethnobotanist Thierry Huau puts his passion for plants at the service of major urban projects, real estate or tourism. For him, the conception of the landscape is built naturally in a global reflection on all the stakes of a territory. Very sensitive to the history and to the singular culture of the places, it places the question of the patrimonial values at the heart of its projects.

Trained at the Australian and then North American schools before returning to France, he created the Interscene agency in 1985 and won the international competition for the design of the historic heart of Beirut in 1994, building on the memory of As a theme for development. In 2001, his agency won the competition for the project management of the Parc du végétal in Angers, TERRA BOTANICA, one of the biggest botanical parks in Europe that opened its doors in 2010 and recently won the Victoires du Paysage 2012 in the category Botany at the heart of the garden. Thierry Huau is expanding his area of ​​intervention, from China to Vietnam, passing through Madagascar, today brings his playful and creative palette to Martinique at the service of the renaissance of the former garden of acclimatization of Saint-Pierre.

Speaking of globetrotter with the green hand, he participated in the creation of eco-neighborhoods and more than 300 gardens in Picardy, Lorraine, Sologne, Normandy, the Basque Country and on the French Riviera, in New Zealand , Australia, the Middle East and Morocco.

Anchored in the green wave, he is currently the artistic and conceptual director of the Villages Nature project, a true Eco polys. In parallel to his many national and international projects, Thierry Huau lands on his affective lands in Giverny to bring to life "la Capucine", a shop-shop concept-store entirely oriented towards conviviality, exchange and plants sure.

Advisor and scenographer of the exceptional event L'Art du Jardin at the Grand Palais 2013, he ensures to sensitize the elected representatives and the general public to the place of the plant in the city.