Shenzhen Shenyan Avenue Landscape Improvement Project
  • Location: Yantian District, Shenzhen, China
  • Client: Urban Management Bureau of Shenzhen Municipality 
  • Area: 310HA, 25.6km
  • Design scope: regional overall design, road landscape design
  • Progress:2nd place winner, design completed (2019)
  • Partner: Layout, Interscene

Yantian District is surrounded by mountains and seas.

Shenyan Avenue is the central axis of Yantian District, extending all its the way to the east, from Shenzhen city center to the natural mountain and sea, officially opened the prelude of the world-class coastal eco-tourism belt in the Greater Bay Area, and with its grand avenue structure. The city is surrounded by mountains and seas; the space is pleasant; the living atmosphere is rich. And there is a small town, small life, beautiful coastal temperament. This big and that small is the most special point outstanding the avenue from the traditional landscape avenues such as Shennan Avenue and Baoan Avenue. Our planning and design is dedicated to create a “small city avenue, romantic mountain sea” urban atmosphere through the creation of a complete street, integrating urban vitality into the streets, making Shenyan Avenue the best interpreter of romantic mountains and seas, and a new window, a new benchmark for the modern international coastal city.