Core Area Urban Design of Dongguan West Railway Station Hub
  • Location: Dongguan, China
  • Client: Dongguan Water Town Special Development Economic Zone Management Committee
  • Area: 530 HA
  • Design scope: Urban design, architectural design, landscape design
  • Progress: international competition, design completed(2019)
  • Partner: Guangdong Urban & Rural Planning and Design Institute

Dongguan water town, is the green pearl of the Greater Bay Area, and the only south water town in the east coast of the Greater Bay Area, surrounded by water, fields and cities.

Based on the experience of the original water town and the reference of ancient wisdom, we rely on the Dongguan West Railway Station to customize an international gateway of the Greater Bay Area which is different from Hong Kong, Shenzhen or Guangzhou. It can maintain strong cultural image and local Identity while leading innovation and development on the east coast of the Bay Area. Both of them create a strategic platform for innovative services on the east coast of the Bay Area, and a demonstration area for cooperation between Guangzhou and Dongguan.

Starting from the key issues of the project, the transportation hub extends two blocks from north to south, and forms a big TID center across the avenue of water town, turning Dongguan into a gateway of the Science and Technology Corridor between Guangzhou and Shenzhen. Firstly, developing the ecology, enlarging the pattern of the two lakes in the north and south, and connecting the ecological water system network, forming a pattern of dynamic agglomeration of the Great TID Center, linkage between the two gardens in the north and the south, and surrounded by two water spaces. At the same time, the water system is used to form the circle of slow-traffic system on the water, and the green space is used to form the circle of slow-traffic system on the ground. Finally, the landmark, the corridor of architectures in the core area, the roof and the courtyard. All of them form a slow-traffic cloud system as a three-dimensional continuation of circle of the urban traffic system.

From this space deduction logic, we put forward the overall positioning of “Dike-Pond in the sky, Water Township in the cloud”, and envisaged a city that is born by water and multi-dimensions. The West Station area of Dongguan will open up a new landscape of water towns facing embracing the future.