Changsha Healthy Town Urban Design
Location: Changsha, China
Client: China Fortune Land Development Ltd.;
Area: 2.69 km2
Design scope: Kangyang residence, office, business, tourism area design
Progress: Design completed
The Healthy City Analysis Method of French AIA Foundation is used in the design. A large number of healthy requirements and a small amount of elements which are bad for health are considered in design. Besides, as regards health, the disease prevention always is paied attention in the chinese traditional health culture, which is so-called " Treat before getting illness".
A healthy urban design based on the Chinese traditional culture must consider he disease prevention. An urban environment that can prevent diseases must be close to nature. Therefore, the key concept of design is to protect the natural system as much as possible,so that the nature will be the theme of this design: retain firmly and reconstruct partially the existing mountain natural resources,protect the natural reservoir resources, preservethe central park in the middle of the site; connect the natural elements mainly preserved, create some water - hill corridors; respect the existing terrain, from the water system to the mountain, the building height and the functions increase by their turn. The slow traffic system near water connects the east and west plots of the site and the Central Park. And the public space is also near the water.
Natural elements are reflected in the dense crowd communities which is formed in a itinerary system with the Green Corridors Central Park; According to the client’s requirements and the different building types and styles, small plots will be developed on both sides of the Green Corridors. The core area provides residents and visitors with convenient and common resources and active community business.