International Competition of Landscape Design & Conceptual Design of Space Planning for Shennan Road- Functional Improvement of Shennan Road
  • Location: Shenzhen, China
  • Client: Shenzhen City Administration Bureau, Shenzhen Greening Management Office
  • Area: 310 ha
  • Design scope: conceptual master plan, urban design, architectural design, landscape design
  • Progress: Entry into the International Competition, design completed

Facing the future, respecting nature and introducing talents, we intend to build shenzhen into a "happy city" in the 21st century, lead the development of the pearl river city group, show the unique wealth of this city to the world through the strategic principle of sustainable development, and exert profound influence.

Let's look forward to the future: in the medium term, the use of motor vehicles in Chinese cities will gradually decrease, and public space will be liberated from the dominance of cars, and then the functions and features will be changed.

The city of tomorrow, the happy city, it will be destined to be flexible, adaptable, belong to the citizens of the city rather than the machine.The spine will be rebuilt east-west in the form of light rail. Building a happy city also means improving urban public health through proper planning, design and use of land.

We propose to achieve this strategy through a real high fashion: a living corridor running through the avenue from north to south, the main axis of which contains a series of Spaces on a pedestrian scale.Here, the life of the citizens is filled with the pleasure and joy of gathering, and the children become Kings again in the city that belongs to them.

In the first phase, the immediate transformation is manifested by the realization of the concept of "pearl axis". From the long-term positioning of shennan avenue and even shenzhen city: city avenue, the cornerstone of shenzhen, world city, happy city and sustainable city.