Dongguan Binhaiwan New District Start-up Area Urban Design
  • Location: Dongguan, China
  • Client:  Dongguan Binhai New District Management Committee
  • Area: 83.16 km²
  • Design scope: Conceptual Planning, Urban Design
  • Progress: Entry into the International Competition, Design completed  

Mangrove blue bay, golden river greenway.

The starting point of the design is the harmonious symbiosis between human and nature, to construct the blue bay with ecological resilience integrating mountains, rivers, forests and fields, and to form the water-green ecological network of the water chain islands.It is a collaborative creation of people and cities, to provide quality Shared public services, leading to the gathering of high-end talent and to highlight the lingnan landscape characteristics, mining regional cultural characteristics, shaping the new name card of dongguan city.

Land value is enhanced through the adoption of a two-system layout of "inland river + bay". And change the traditional propulsion type of reclamation, to a more ecological island type of reclamation.Advocate the development concept of efficient and intensive growth, and ensure that more than 90% of the public transport stations in the construction area can be reached within 500 meters on foot. Development and ecological consideration, retain the status of river and mangrove, get through the blue and green network of capillaries.Advocate the city spirit of ecological resilience. Through three-dimensional and multi-dimensional design, we create an impressive three-dimensional coastal bay area.