Coastal Landscape Corridor Of Dongguan Binhaiwan Bay Area
  • Location: Dongguan, China
  • Client: Dongguan Binhai New District Management Committee          
  • Area: 23km2
  • Design scope: Conceptual master plan, urban design
  • Progress: design deepening

The international first-class coastal landscape corridor.The Coastal Landscape Corridor of Dongguan Binhaiwan Bay Area, is the confluence of east and the west bank of pearl river mouth. Looking back to history, looking forward to the future, and learning from the pearl river delta area found in the "Mulberry Fish Pond" cultivation mode of traditional ideas, it wll seeking a good space unifying organic unification, ecology, life and production to create a nature, harmony and integrated international coastal landscape corridor. Moreover, it will also tend to be an ecological, elastic, composite, sports, accessible, cultural, sustainable shoreline belt. By providing a firm overall objective, a clear and flexible outlook and framework for the future, the landscape corridor will eventually become a catalyst for the development of surrounding areas, the starting point for the reappearance of vitality of the shoreline, and lead the key opportunity for the environmental restoration of the Great Bay Area.

There are 8 core sections including Integrated Institutional Campus, Taiping Commercial Shoreline, Xinwan Eco-life Residential Island and Shajiao International Community highlighting the coastal culture essence of “Integration of mountain, sea, river, woodland and field.