Songjiang Technological Film City Conceptual Planning and Design
  • Location: Shanghai, China
  • Client: Shanghai Songjiang District Planning and Land Management Bureau
  • Area: 60 km² for conceptual master planning; 4.5 km² for urban deisng
  • Design scope: conceptual master plan, urban design, architectural design, landscape design
  • Progress: International competition invited to bid, design completed

Shanghai Government plans to implement the “1+3+X“ Strategy” in order to develop the film industry. ‘1’ means to develop Songjiang into a hi-tech filming base of large scale. Being the hub of TV and film production industry, the southern part of Songjiang is already equipped with car piers and warehouses and is to take new demands from the film industry into its general development goal and to aim for a‘hi-tech innovative production’ development.

The goal of this competition is to create a global landmark for hi-tech film industry so as to promote development for the South Songjiang area.

In our master plan, we stick to the human-oriented principals, focusing on the film industry to create a core area surrounding the Huayang Lake, enhancing the strategic location of Songjiang South High-speed Railway Station, Shengqing Film Industry and Chedun Film Industry, to strive for the creation of a hi-tech film base landmark.

In detail, Huayang Lake area is to include film and TV finance, commercial offices, art exhibition and other comprehensive business service facilities. The Songjiang High-speed Railway South Station is to contain transportation hub, commercial offices and the film and TV producing functions. Shengqiang Film and TV production base is to provide a multi-functional center to develop the film and TV industry, to provide master studios, and to release new motion pictures. The Car Pier film and TV base is set to offer themed tourism, film and TV production technology and its research and development.