LANTIAN Culture and Sports Center, HAISHU District, NINGBO, CHINA
  • Location: Haishu, Ningbo, China
  • Client: Ningbo Haishu District People's Government
  • Site Area: 35898  m²
  • Discipline: Urban design, Architecture
  • Status: Construction started in June 2012 and completed in August 2014
The quality of cultural and sports facilities are essential criterion for the identity, development level and openness of the city. It plays a vital role in enriching the spare time of its residence and strengthens their sense of being part of a community. The current site is alongside the airport highway, the midpoint of Ningbo city center and its airport, occupied mostly by irrigated agricultural fields and has immense potential for exploration in terms of landscape and ecology.
The special characteristics of the project are demonstrated in:
- A large rooftop that covers the whole site, including: cultural and sports facilities, indoor and outdoor spaces, to give the piece an unique monument-like identity as opposed to a site of small units of building blocks scattered all around the area.
- The main outline of the stadium is made to resemble and symbolize the hands of an athlete holding up a trophy. In the original plan of the city, an axis is created to traverse the entire base to organize the function and streamline of the entire center. This axis links the swimming pool on the south side to the sports facilities in the north, providing users with easy accessibility to both facilities
- Columns of trees and V-shaped nets on the sides of the axis each represent an ecological landscape and victory. The stadium with a capacity crowd of 3500 that faces the rest of the site is partially open-air, connecting the outdoor landscape with the stadium.
- The separation and dislocation of the main body block allows brings the distinctiveness of the base right into the open space of the stylistic center. In addition, the Chinese culture and sportsmanship of the venue is reflected by the texture and structure of the roof, whose design is inspired by the traditional Chinese Weaving artwork.
- The choice of colour consists of red and black: An art piece designed by French artist Stendhal, the two colours portray the contrast between passion and calmness within the spirit of an athlete.
- From the user and management body point of view, effectively organized facilities in terms of their functionality, clever design of the roof and use of shadows from the columns of tress does not affect the quality of outdoor activities.
- In terms of being environmental-friendly and sustainable development, we guarantee a high quality of the environment: the solid parts of the roof are to be equipped with solar panels to amass energy required for operating facilities of buildings. The concept of the 'green site' aims to reduce energy losses during the construction process through ecological construction management. The use of low-energy building materials are able to minimize energy loss during the building process and the roof will be able to provide certain parts of the site with natural shadowing, allowing the site to be naturally ventilated.
The Haishu District Sports Center started its constructions in June 2012, and the process had been completed in August 2014. Located on 345 Qinyuan Street, covers an area of ​​35,898 square meters, with 162 parking spaces. There are two standard tennis courts, a caged football field, four basketball courts, two basketball shooting fields and an activity area for children and seniors outside of the stadium.
According to the plan, the site is to be divided into three halls, EAST, WEST and SOUTH. In the EAST hall, a library is allocated on the first two floors. The third floor is to be a fashion showroom, the fourth floor is to be the lecture room designated for the use of cultural exchanges, classrooms for art les