Wenzhou Riverfront Mixed-use Development
  • Location: Wenzhou, China
  • Client: China Rail 25 Branch
  • Site Area: site of 63 HA; construction area of 710,000  m²
  • Discipline: Urban design, Architecture
  • Status: Project completed in 2017
Highlighting the distinctiveness of the riverside is the primary goal of this project, given that the scattered architectural layouts are all being homogenized and thus making the area difficult to standout, therefore our design proposes a concentrated ‘fortress-like’ architectural group to be built on the shore.
Combined with the functional requirements of the riverside base, we intend to establish a strong contrast between the city and the riverside: on one hand, the contrast between the natural view of the two-story high platform from the riverside and the functional parts of the building complex, on the other hand, the layouts of the horizontal office building and the scattered buildings in the vertical direction. The current sewage treatment system on the east side of the base acts like a wall separating the river from the city.
The open space near the city on the west side of the base will be connected to the viewing platform of the sewage treatment system with a gentle slope. The viewing platform extends northward, covering the dumping ground to connect with the avenue and extends towards south, surrounding the central building community to connect with the roads, thereby forming a green crescent or ring around the central building block that is entirely dedicated to health, sports and leisure activities. The plan includes a sports center, a waterfall display on the east side, and an elementary school on the south side.
The square on the west side of the base is where all functional elements of the building are: commercial centers of the ground floor podium, offices, hotels and residence of the high-rise buildings, and the concaved space of the central square, which can be used as a multi-purpose audio-visual hall for large-scale performances, connecting to a hotel. The plaza is surrounded by residence halls and offices, to ensure the visibility of the riverside scenery, we left an open area on both the east and west side of it. Large transparent windows were also installed for a better view of the riverside: the six-story podium enclosure defines the plaza space, the high-rise office and residential towers have a unified architectural form, facing north and south, with a magnificent view of the riverside.
For this particular project, we aimed to design a community that is environmentally-friendly and would be easily maintained in the future. In addition to considering possible replacement or renewal of the offices and residential space, we have also considered the improved living experience provided by the building structure in the light of nature, making it a perfect blend of contemporary architecture and nature. This design puts an emphasis on the effect of natural lighting and utilizes the river system to ensure a long-lasting, fresh and close-to-nature experience to its residence by this architectural complex.