Jinshan Tramway
Location: Jinshan, China
Client: Jinshan New City Construction & Development Co., Ltd.
Site Area: 12.2 km²
Discipline: Urban design, Transportation
Status: Project completed in 2017

The project aims to integrate an environmental-friendly tramway into the new Jinshan district in the south of Shanghai. This new district on the riverside offers a range of touristic and leisure facilities as well as accommodations, hotels, a train station and a ferry terminal. Riverside bathhouses, beaches, a marina, golf court, gardens, promenades and a theme park are making the site a touristic resort that offers a life style resembles that of a seaside town. Under the conditions of sustainable development, the integration of a tramway appears to be the most fitting option for the area’s transportation. It links all the facilities together without causing traffic congestion, its operation is free of noise, its interior design provides a smooth and agreeable experience for passengers and in all and all, an environmentally-friendly way to travel across the area. In order to carry out this project, we conducted in-depth case studies on various tramway systems around the world and on the benefits that this type of transportation can provide. Information on transportation, migration, investment and profitability were all included in our analysis of the project. A number of options of route planning adhere to the road profile were proposed. This tramway project will eventually serve and highlight the major public spaces of this new neighborhood and offer an alternative to conventional transportation system. It shines light on the possible challenges of environmental-friendly means of transportation in the context of sustainable development.