Xichang Retirement Center
  • Location: Xichang, China
  • Client: OBEO
  • Site Area: 23HA
  • Discipline: Urban Design
  • Status: Project completed in 2017
The Xichang Retirement Home Center project is located in the southeast of Xichang City on the shores of Qionghai Lake. 23 hectares of land that is surrounded by villages and fields. A river runs across the site from West to East, dividing the land into two sectors. The surrounding landscape offers an optimal condition for the construction of a health center. Through in-depth research on the organization of hospitals and the type of nursing homes in France, we proposed a plan to have the main axis and a lake placed in the center of the site, with the rest of the facilities and housing units built along the lake. Several types of retirement homes would be available, ranging from intensive-care housing to small residential for ground medical services, as well as villas that opts for more independence. In addition to the local households and local shops along the main road to the west of the site, a five-star hotel would also to be installed in response to the needs of visiting family members. Lastly, a medical center which includes all the medical services is designed to be placed in the northern part of the site. We put great emphasize and special care on the design of public spaces and gardens as to provide an optimum living space.