Robot Village In Hefei Feidong
  • Location: Feidong, Hefei, China
  • Client: China Fortune Land Development Ltd. 
  • Site Area: 1.79 km² 
  • Discipline: Urban Design
  • Status: Project completed in 2017
The 1.79 km² site is located on the east of Heifei city center, 4 kilometers north of Feidong Railway Station in a newly developed territory currently dominated by agricultural fields. The location of the site is already equipped with efficient means of transportation, and the project itself aimed at developing the site into a top-notch industrial zone focused on robotics and new technologies. Our initial approach aimed to conserve and enhance the presence of rivers and forests that run across the site in order to offer an eco-friendly environment for its future inhabitants. Four industrial programs were featured in the designed town, serial robots, coordinate robots, medicine robots and artificial intelligence AGV. The designed site would be built along the river system with a ‘heart’ formed in the center, intersected by three main axes from East and West. The ‘heart’ contains a robotics research center, a data center, a hotel and an exhibition site, all would be accessible with the footbridge. A second area of the ‘heart’ includes another research center, offices, housing and facilities for the public. Finally, the third area offers single-program areas, high-rise residential area and a factory district in the north, all in a haven of nature that uses an eco-friendly means of transportation.