Conceptual Planning Scheme of Demonstration Area of Agricultural High-tech Industry in Yellow River Delta of Shandong Province
  • Location: Dongying, Shandong, China
  • Client: Shandong Province Yellow River Delta Agricultural High-tech Industry Demonstration Zone Management Committee
  • Site Area: 350 km²
  • Discipline: Urban Design, Conceptual Planning of Agricultural High-tech Industry Demonstration Zone
  • Status: Project completed in 2017
Dongying is an international competition base for China’s new vision for agriculture, industry and lifestyle. Our purpose was to create an innovative and resilient eco-city focused on creating and linking five main thematic cities by a high-tech agriculture passage. These five clusters were designed to be interdependent on one and other, an economy that provides a sustainable agricultural industry based on exchanges amongst one and other. A new industry cluster that includes research, development and experimental farms, and a salt and wind technology development zone, a new city based on first-class industry and gardens cities with a core area of 350 square kilometers, where financial representative center, logistic center and transportation hubs would also be installed. Two tramways connect large green passages and cities associated with rivers and canals, and in order to maintain water quality and biodiversity, the project proposes a complete ecological approach: identifying the economic potential of the land, protecting the land resources, controlling urban density, conducting research on farming lands, and creating an agreeable and healthy living space. Credit: IFADUR, A. Blogowski, B4 Design & Engineering.