Songjiang South New City Transport Hub and Surrounding Area Urban Design
  • Location: Shanhgai, China
  • Client: Songjiang Archi Institute
  • Site Area: 4 km²
  • Discipline: Urban Design
  • Status: Project completed in 2017
Songjiang South New City is a project base in Shanghai aiming to create a new transportation hub in the south of Shanghai, it would include a new transportation gateway for Shanghai and a new financial center with publics facilities, commercial areas and housing units. Gardens, outdoor activity areas seek to provide each block with sustainable quality of life. The core design for this project was to develop a north-south axis to link the hub. This hub is designed to be a large pavement and green corridor on which all urban interactions will take place. Supporting all the interactions of the different functions of the city, it provides a central park with light transportation, eco-friendly urban lifestyle with commercial and recreative activities. The hub is designed to be the iconic architectural piece so as to create a new landmark for the district. The Hub will be connected by all means of transport, trains, high-speed rail, subway, transport vehicles, buses, trams, pedestrians and bicycle lanes, as well as car access and parking lots. The central hall of the hub is tailored to allow quick access for all vehicles and means of transport.