Huaxi University City Strategic Planning, Guizhou
  • Location: Guizhou, China
  • Client: Guian New District Management Committee
  • Site Area: 63.4 km²
  • Discipline: Urban planning and design
  • Status: Design completion in 2016
Huaxi University City is located in the southeast corner of Guian New District, most of the scope has been completed or are still under construction. To tackle the issues such as:the inefficient use of large space, the lack of consideration for characteristics of the terrain, the homogeneous construction style, and the lack of public transport around the area, we turned to classic cases such as the Paris Saclay, the United States Silicon Valley for the concept of a circular city. The introduction of three trams in the area, establishing a multi-level central system at important transportation hub to promote the interaction of students, researchers and industry personnel, and thus to strengthen the functional mix of the community and upgrade Huaxi University City into a demonstration of an integrated international base for production, education and research.