Shanghai University Yanchang Campus Renovation and Expansion
  • Location: Shanghai, China
  • Client: Shanghai University
  • Site Area: 9 km²
  • Discipline: Urban Planning and Design; Architecture
  • Partners: Ateliers 234
  • Status: Design completion in 2016
The project has extracted the axis of the three functional areas, namely that of the "school district", "community" and "commercial district", on the intersecting point of the three axis we have established a box-like architectural piece of 100m by 100m, similar to the scale of the lawn situated on the axis in the north and south part of the building. This box-like complex entails all the core functions and it is connected to the main areas of the lawn parts, providing easy access to other institutions of the university. The box-like complex then extends towards the two axis, passing through the lecture building and multimedia auditorium shared between the Arts Academy and the Film Academy, forming a highly interoperable architectural complex, and realizing the interdisciplinary teaching approach advocated by the current Dean, Mr.Qian. A Chinese styled garden, which belongs to the newly built part of the Arts Academy, is placed facing the north side of the box, it is designed with a smooth surface and a corridor system that runs through the entire Arts Academy, an axis is to connect the southern part of the box with the multimedia auditorium, and through the use of the corridor system we look to connect the entire Film Academy. The ground floor of the box-like complex is designed to be as transparent and as open as possible, and the cylindrical pillars are meant to be in harmony with the trees planted in the Chinese styled garden situated on the southern side of the box-like complex. This design is centered around realizing the interconnectedness between functions carried out by The Heart-The Box and The Green Lungs-the trees on campus, where the axis and corridors are what the blood vessels are to the heart and lungs.