Beijing Institute of Technology Zhuhai Campus Master Planning
  • Location: Zhuhai, China
  • Client: Beijing Institute of Technology Zhuhai
  • Site Area: 3 km²
  • Discipline: Master planning
  • Status: Project design completed
Zhuhai Campus is a branch of the Beijing Institute of Technology in Zhuhai. Its buildings are scattered around the city of Zhuhai. IFADUR was invited to draw up a master plan for its new central campus.
It is a campus of a 3-kilometer square woodland, and would contain a number of university facilities such as: the sports center, student accommodations, library and research centers to meet the need of the expanding education industry in the future. The aim of the design was to create a unique and eco-friendly image for the campus through protecting trees, and the use of open space between people and vehicles. Specific challenges included protecting the wetlands and laying out the orientation of buildings to minimize the noise and unnecessary visual effects of nearby high-speed rail stations and traffic. The overall plan was completed in 2016.