Shanghai Soochow Creek Riverfront Area Urban Design
  • Location: Shanghai, China
  • Client: Jingan District Urban Planning and Land Resource Bureau
  • Site Area: 169 ha
  • Discipline: Urban Design, Architecture, Landscape
  • Status: Design Completion 2016
This particular design of IFADUR made a break from conventional design wisdoms as it was not restricted by the presence of the river system, instead it made efficient use of existing space by reorganizing the layouts of its riverside with city nodes and greenland parks installed. The space between each green area would not exceed 500 meters, meeting the requirement of a community-oriented public space and at the same time enhancing the interaction between the waterfront and the space on the riverside. Under a strategic transformation measure which is at its best not to alter the overall plan of the existing architecture and pedestrian networks, abandoned and old factories would be transformed into cultural-related projects to enhance and preserve the original features of the region