Yangjiang Hailing Island Overall Planning Improvement
  • Location: Yangjiang, China
  • Client: Yangjiang Huayang Investment co., LTD 
  • Site Area: 129.11 km²
  • Discipline: Urban design
  • Status: Program deepening stage
The basis of the plan is to respect the local natural and cultural settings, to explore essential values of resources and to pursue a development model of ecological balance. With a set of well-knit plan, meticulous quantitative calculations and the willingness of people in the city to return to nature, the Hailing island plan aimed to transform the area into a residential space with the theme of Lehuo, powered by tourism with a special focus on ecology. The plan maximizes the distinctiveness of the island. The evergreen hills that surrounds the agricultural plains, the well conserved coastline characterized by its aquaculture and mangroves. Being the farmland reserve, it is an important foundation for the establishment of an ecological island. The west end of Mawei Island has yet to transferred the status of the land and the eastern end of Tangkeng Bay, Libi Bay and other areas into an eco-tourism reserve which would not be used for construction purposes. Through the centralization of newly developed projects, the original shoreline space would be expanded, and an interpenetrating ecological corridor would be formed between the coast and the island areas.