Mindong New District Urban Design, Meishan
  • Location: Meishan, China
  • Client: Mindong New District Management Committee
  • Site Area: 62  km²
  • Discipline: Urban design
  • Status: Project deepening stage
The project plans to establish a number of urban facilities including commercial, medical, office and other public service centers in the densely populated area where the main and secondary roads are connected. The main living spaces are extended around these cluster of buildings. The tourism, cultural and leisure industries would have to rely on the scenery of the natural corridor formed by White Crane Forest, the coastal wetlands and tidal flats along the east coast of Minjiang river to transform into an eco-friendly one. The project is to create agriculture based on the existing pastoral scenery. Working in conjunction with the Meishan Technical College, we look to set up the science and education industry park in the central city, providing the talent pool and impetus for innovation for industrial development in the area. In the western part of the new district, we plan to develop a bio-pharmaceutical and pollution-free new energy technology industry. We advocate for the development  of "Industrial city, Landscape city and Cultural city".