Nanjing Finance City Urban Design
  • Location: Nanjing, China
  • Client: Nanjing Finance City Construction Development co., LTD
  • Site Area: 657,000  m²
  • Discipline: Urban design, architectural design
  • Status: Design completed
Modern architectures tend to over-emphasis on the individuality of buildings, causing the concept of 'city' to slowly drift away from the collective identity that buildings meant to foster in the first place. Instead, people start to pay more attention to the functions and practicalities of each individual building. During this process, our 'city' fall into a group of buildings stacked next to one and another regardless of the overall image its creating and of the surrounding environment. We simply aim to build our ‘Fianancial City’ based on the most elemental concept of a “city” concept, a collective of buildings that calls for unity and interdependency in terms of functions and style, using 10 buildings is to reestablish the impression that the city is firmly entrenched.