Yuci Area Transportation Hub Planning, Zhejiang
  • Location: Yuci, China
  • Client: Yuci District Government
  • Site Area: 11 ha
  • Discipline: Master plan
  • Status: Design completed
The plan means to divide the flow of inbound passengers and outbound passengers into two separate layers, with the help of different platform to organize and to lead them to the exit from that of the east side, separating the passenger flow into two layers, much like how the transportation hub is organized at an airport: the flow of pedestrians and vehicles do not conflict with each other,  wherein both would arrive and depart in an orderly manner. A roof-top garden of 8-meter long is to cover the bus stops on both the east and west side with solar panels installed on top of them.  Three solar panels is to make of a group, respectively formed by two green belt and one solar panel belt. They are to be installed slightly apart from one and another to allow sufficient air circulation. Commercial hotels and leisure centers near ChengDong Road are to become the distinctive landmarks of the city.