Gongbei CBD Urban Design, Zhuhai
  • Location: Zhuhai, China
  • Client: Zhuhai Municipal Planning Bureau
  • Site Area: 2,070,000 m²
  • Discipline: Urban design, architectural design
  • Status: Design completed
With the buildings chaotically organized along the main road, leaving residence of the area in discomfort for being trapped in a poorly planned space, we look to reallocate the functions of the most dynamic parts of the city into its inner bounds by effectively linking 13 blocks using pedestrian network. It would be the only viable way to establish an overall connection between these decentralized parts of the city. The main functions of the CBD are to be connected by this green chain, making it the main thread of communication in the CBD. In areas where the traffic flow is relatively high, we follow the concept of "City of Light", through traffic arrangement, construction of greenspaces and possible renovation of the city, we are to build a city upon which the sun would shine, the breeze would be crisp, the buildings would be stunning and greenspace would be omnipresent. All city space and functions would be revolved around this green chain. Large green patches of space and all eco-technologies are to be installed to the surrounding parts of CBD.