Airport Key Area Urban Design, Zhengzhou
  • Location: Zhengzhou, China
  • Client: Zhengzhou Xinzheng Bonded Zone Planning Bureau
  • Site Area: 199.5  km²
  • Discipline: Urban design
  • Status: Design completed
Urban road network system planned in the form of grids is undoubtedly an efficient way to organize the traffic flow. However, we need to create enough of recognizability for the urban space and find more opportunities for spaces in between the links forming the blocks.  Much like the Yuanling Old Town, the original urban agricultural texture is a historical relic, a trace and evidence of a prosperous past lived by ancient Chinese civilization. We wanted the original base to be preserved and be used as an underling texture, guiding and combining it with the grid system to shape our modern urban space. The airport base is dotted with jujube forest and forests of other species, in a neatly organized manner. We hope to rely on the use of these lands, through the introduction and allocation of other tree species, to establish a sound urban forest system, so as to have the entire city covered in a forest-like system, unleashing the full potentials of the ecological and geographical aspects of the forest.