Papeete Coast Planning and Exploitation, Tahiti
  • Location: French Polynesia Tahiti
  • Client: Polynesian Public Construction Administration
  • Site Area: 400 hectares
  • Discipline: master plan in 2 main zones of the city, specification and sea reclaimation management
  • Status: Program deepening stage
In the light of tourism and its future development, the mysterious Polynesian island, Papeete, would need to improve the life of its habitant in terms of quality and efficiency. This could be achieved by the installation of rubber wheeled tram system and the redevelopment of waterfront and so these two initiatives have become the top initiatives for Tahiti’s future economic development.
Due to the long-term constrains of volcanic topography, loose land regulation and the inconsiderate expansion of the French nuclear economy, the capital of Polynesia encountered serious development bottlenecks.
The study of project feasibility will focus on the in-depth planning and reconstruction of the various areas of the coast. The project covers an area of 400 hectares, mainly including the city centre and its surrounding area, with a total of 14 kilometers of coastline plan. The fundamental recommendation of the program involves bus lanes (TCSP) that can solve transportation issues within the city, and urban construction would still face challenges and restrictions posed by the overly-saturated traffic and land ownership issues.