Foshan Guipanhai Water Front Area Urban Design
  • Location: Foshan, China
  • Client: Shunde District Planning Bureau
  • Site Area: 5.1 km²
  • Discipline: Urban planning, architectural design
  • Status: Design completed
The base is located on the riverside, with unique geological characteristics where it is rich in ecological resources that are extremely fragile. The multi-layered landscape includes not only the extensions of the riverbed, but also the inner land. The interaction between the diverse species and different types of agricultural products plays an important role in balancing the ecological complexes of the site, and thus deeply affecting the outcomes of the local agricultural and fishery industry of the area. The new city is to be connected with the old quarters integrating into the biodiversity and ecosystem of the site. The main bridge that is used to connect these two parts enhances therefore the economic, transportation and cultural aspects of the city.