New Ocean City Development Bahrain
  • Location: Bahrain
  • Client: Bahrain Ministry of Housing and Labor
  • Site Area: 2000 ha of Bahrain Southern Islands, 800 ha of Bahrain’s Northern New Town
  • Discipline: Overall planning and fill operation’s project management
  • Status: Under construction
This country with Shia Muslim majority had been suffering from housing crisis due to poverty, whilst there seemed to be no viable way to integrate the land that has been ceded because of the inheritance of property rights and the lack of law. Therefore, the government of Bahrain decided to hold the international conference of urban planning in early 2000. Followed by the triumph of our French team in the competition, through the reconstruction of settlement and of ocean current information data, the offshore artificial island project plan was signed in 2000 and 2000. The end of southwestern side of the island would be transformed into a tourist area at first. Then the Northern side would be transformed into a multi-functional city.  
The 1,000-hectare new town on the northern part of Bahrain, 12 kilometers from the capital, consists of 18 islands that are capable of accommodating 100,000 people and its existence will eventually create 5,000 employment opportunities. In 2007, a $280 million investment in reclamation projects was delivered, while the overall research program was being recognized.