Qi'Ao Island Conceptual Master Plan, Zhuhai
  • Location: Zhuhai, China
  • Client: Zhuhai Municipal Housing and Urban and Rural Planning Construction Bureau
  • Site Area: 2800 ha
  • Discipline: Master plan, landscape design
  • Status: Design completed
Qiao island is a precious resource that miraculously survived in the rapid process of urbanization in Zhuhai. It is located facing Macao, an iconic symbol of the modern day China as well as the Guangdong province. Achieving a successful sustainable development without destroying the core values of the island remains to be the formulae for solving  environmental problems.
The idea of protecting natural resources and local biodiversity played a decisive role in our design. It could well be the solution for current major social matters: to achieve social solidarity, economic prosperity and cultural development. The sustainable development of a city can only be achieved by maintaining the above commitments. We regard this urban design as a project that would respect the nature and protect the characteristics of the region. The main operations would be: the reconstruction of existing residential villages, protection and development of existing landscape resources; a combination of ecological development strategy with sustainable energy strategy; establishment of appropriate development methods of touristic resources on the Island.