Henqin New District Waterfront Area Urban & Landscape Design, Zhuhai
  • Location: Zhuhai, China
  • Client: Zhuhai Hengqin Development co., LTD
  • Site Area: 106 km²
  • Discipline: Urban design, Landscape design
  • Status: Phase I completed
The success of the project could be attributed to its core idea - that the traces of the land’s old days would be  preserved. The ecological plan of the city was inspired and based on the concept 'Memory of Water'. The project aimed at transforming the agricultural canals into a circulating drainage system integrated into the city. The road network will be refurbished, renovated and kept in its place, above the water network, allowing it to be integrated into the system of the city. The complex is of a triple landscape structure, wherein each block works on emphasizing the concept of 'memory of water'.