Jiaxing Nanhu District delegation visited IFADUR headquarters in Paris
On August 4, 2017, the chairman of Political Consultative Conference, party secretary of Nanhu district, Jiaxing city of Zhejiang province, Mr Zhao and his delegation of four have visited Institut Franco-chinois d'Architecture et Développement Durable Urbain et Rural (IFADUR) headquarters in Paris.
Nanhu district is the main urban area of Jiaxing city, east to Shanghai, west to hangzhou, north to Suzhou and south to Hangzhou bay. It is the economic, political, cultural and commercial center of Jiaxing city. As the famous cultural city of Jiangnan, Nanhu district is the birthplace of Confucianism culture, and also the original area of Chinese red revolutionary.
We first introduced the main purport of our institute to Mr Zhao and his delegation. Our positive importation of the advanced concept of sustainable development in France, products, technology, service, management mode, talents and multiple resources, assist Chinese current urbanization and agricultural modernization from extensive to refinement. Based on this concept, our headquarters in Paris has undertaken the platform role of exchange of ideas, technology introduction and resource sharing through cooperation with advanced French enterprises and teams in related fields. Then we showed Secretary Zhao and his delegation our French President Mr Thierry Merlot and his team’s representative works in the field of urban planning, including La Defense CBD urban renewal, urban renewal in Lyon, Zhuhai Hengqin waterfront new area urban design as well as our characteristics town planning projects, etc. In addition, IFADUR’s introduction of new and high technology has also accumulated certain experience, for example to introduce and promote French negative carbon plant concrete construction technology in the use of national park project in China.
Mr Zhao and his delegation showed great interest in our work, and introduced the current development of Nanhu district in Jiaxing city. In the context of the country's new urbanization policy, Nanhu district has transformed from the past urban expansion into the stock planning. Therefore, the reconstruction of old city is the key and difficult point of urban development, and it needs to find a balance between development, protection and cultural inheritance. At the same time, Nanhu district has also made many beneficial attempts in the policy context of the characteristic town, including the practice and deepening of the concept of pastoral complex. Mr. Zhao believes that the sustainable concept and method of the urban planning and design of IFADUR is instructive to the development of Nanhu district. He warmly invited the President of IFADUR in France, Mr. Melo, and the President in China, Li li guo, to visit Nanhu district to explore exchanges and further cooperation opportunities.