Global Warming and Sustainable City

The conference entitled "Global warming and sustainable city" was successfully held in Shenzhen (Room 201,Planning Building, 8009 Honglixilu, Futian District, Shenzhen) on November 21, 2018 at 2:30 pm. It was organized by SFACS ( Sino-French Architecture Communication Society) and the Urban Planning and Natural Resources Office of Shenzhen, and was welcomed by IFADUR (Franco-Chinese Institute of Architecture and Sustainable Urban Development) and the Promotion of Urban Design Center of Shenzhen . This conference was given by Mr. Thierry MELOT, chairman of the SFACS Committee of Experts and President of IFADUR Paris, and moderated by Mr. Zhongming FAN. After the speech of Mr. Thierry MELOT, Mr. Xiangming MA gave a speech entitled "The influence of paradigm of innovation on the urban space". The guests invited were between 50 and 80. And simultaneous interpretation (French-Chinese) lasted till the ende of conference.

Mr. Thierry MELOT made a speech entitled "Global warming and sustainable city". His purpose was to present the relationship between the theory of global warming and the sustainable city and their practice.

Firstly, Mr. Thierry MELOT presented, through official figures, the global warming situation in the world and the difficulties we had to protect our Earth.

Then, Thierry MELOT explained his ten strategic principles of the sustainable city with theories and practices: First principle: "Introspect the Future"; Second principle: "Coproduce, interpenetrate the territories" Third principle: "Create the city from the fine mesh of public transport"; Fourth principle: "Densify the city around the interconnection nodes"; Fifth principle: "develop urban porosity"; Sixth principle: "organize proximity and diversity"; Seventh principle: "to create energy self-sufficiency"; Principle 8: "managing the resilience of water"; Ninth principle: " signify the urban by the founding acts"; Tenth principle: "deliver an identity to neighborhoods through architecture".

Then Mr. MA made a speech entitled "The paradigm influence of innovation on urban space".

He analyzed it in some aspects: technological innovation has become a new engine development, the technology influence on the urban structure; the technology influence on the spatial structure of Hong Kong-Macao -Pearl River Delta.

According to Mr. MA, the world has already entered the technological innovation era, which has brought many influences on city, especially on the urban structure. Mr. MA analyzed it in three aspects with the help of the top ten listed companies: At the microscopic level: space planning centered on shared office; At the mesoscopic level: the emergence of the third space; At the macroscopic level: the formation of an urban structure of the network nodes.

Mr. Ma also analyzed the capital technology influences on the spatial structure of the Hong Kong-Macao -Pearl River Delta district.

After Mr. Ma's speech, they exchanged some views on this subject. During their discussions, French and Chinese colleagues conducted in-depth discussions on the theme "Global Warming and Sustainable Cities". They learned from each other and shared their different methods and experiences.

The deep and meaningful exchange of this Sino-French seminar ended with the moderation of Mr. Fan. Everyone was caught in group photos as a souvenir for this rare occasion.