The visit of the delegation of Yulin city to IFADUR

The Yulin delegation from Guangxi Province visited the IFADUR office in Paris on December 11, 2018. The delegation is composed of five members, headed by Mr. Dekui QIU, Deputy Mayor of Yulin Municipality. They were received very warmly by Thierry MELOT, president of IFADUR, and by his assistant Mrs. Mingye LI.

Mr. QIU briefly introduced Yulin, which is a city located in Guangxi Province of China. It is the second most populous city in Guangxi with a population of 7.2 million. In the economic filed, the city is located in fourth place in Guangxi province, with mechanical, textile, food as the main sectors. On the urban planfication, the city develops around two rivers. Today, the city is faced with many challenges such as the treatment of the water environment in the city, the relationship between the city and the countryside, the renewal of the center etc.. Mr. Qiu said that today the city would be ecological development.

Mr. MELOT appreciated the commitment of Yulin city in the approach towards an ecological and sustainable city. He introduced IFADUR and his vocations to export French know-how to the Chinese market in the context of a paradigm shift in Chinese cities. He showed the projects realized by IFADUR with its networks of French experts in partnership with local partners in China during the last 15 years, such as the master plan of Doumen, the Changli National Park, the corridor of the new coastal zone of Dongguan. He proposed these projects all reflect the ten strategic principles of the sustainable city.

The Yulin delegation was convinced by the quality of the urban projects presented. As such, Mr. Qiu invited Mr. Thierry MELOT to visit Yulin city during his next trip to Dongguan, since Yulin is only 450km from Dongguan. Besides he also asked Mr. MELOT to give some valuable advices about the urban planification of Yulin.