The 5th Sino-French Forum on Architectural and Urban Sustainable Development
From November 29th to December 1st 2017, the fifth Sino-French Forum on Sustainable Development of Cities and Building was successfully held in Changsha, Guiyang and Shenzhen respectively. The forum is sponsored by the French Ministry of Culture and Exchange, hosted by Sino-French Architectural Communication Society (SFACS), co-organized by IFADUR and supported by local partners including: Hunan University, Hunan Building Construction Research Institute 4.0, Cultural Tourism Innovation Zone Management Committee of Qingyan Disrtict of Guiyang City, Huaxi Branch Guiyang City Urban and Rural Planning Bureau, Qingyan City People's Government, Huaxi District Housing and Urban Construction Bureau, Guiyang City, School of Architecture and Urban Planning Guizhou University, Guizhou Province Xingqian Hongzhi Market Great Talent Limited Liability Company, Shenzhen City Planning Association, Institute of Shenzhen City Planning, as well as the Alumni Association of Tongji University of Changsha, Guizhou, Shenzhen and France.
Since 2013, SFAC has launched the annual Sino-French Forum on Architectural and Urban Sustainable Development, this forum has been successfully organized for four sessions at Tongji University, Binjiang District of Hangzhou, Shanghai Fengjing and Hebei Guan'an. This year's forum took on a new roadshow form to be held in three cities, which maximized the exchange of ideas and the communication of experiences between architects, planners, organizations and French architectural experts. landscape and government, planning and construction professionals, researchers and Chinese companies.
First Day Changsha
On November 29, the "5th Sino-French Forum on Sustainable Development of Cities and Building" and the "Chinese Construction International Innovation Forum 4.0" began at the International Convention Center in Changsha, Hunan. The forum was chaired by Mr. Li Li-guo, General Secretary of SFACS China. Mr. Olivier Guyonvarch, Consul General of France in Wuhan, attended the conference and gave an opening speech.
President Thierry Melot has signed a letter of intent with Prof. Guoqiang Zhang on the cooperation between IFADUR and Hunan 4.0 Construction Technology Research Institute of Hunan Building for Sustainable Development of the City and Architecture.
During the forum, several French experts gave speeches on aspects of urban planning, landscape, transport, new materials and other aspects on the theme of sustainable development.
Mr.Thierry Melot, President of the IFADUR France, founder of the AFEX, DPLG architect and French urban planner, gave a speech entitled "Sustainable development, happy city", demonstrating its ten principles of sustainable development strategy of the city that it had summed up over 40 years of planning and practical experience, which has positive implications for urban construction and Chinese transformation.
Mr. Laurent Mouly, founder of LM engineer, teacher at the National School of Architecture architecture and environmental engineering, gave a speech entitled "The practice Carbon Negative Carbon: A New Perspective of Architecture and Urbanism "to discuss the environmental significance and practice of hemp concrete through different examples.
Mr. Thierry Huau, founder and president of the agency of Intersècne, gave a speech entitled "Nature in the city: successful applications of sustainable development in urban design", to share the successful examples in DALAT of Vietnam, the Natural Village in the West of France, Sevran in the French Province and Changli National Park in China where the concept of sustainable development has been applied to urban design through the introduction of ecological tourism and the efficient use of resources some water.
Mr. Simons Rodriguez-Pagės, architect, partner and founder of Atelier 2/3/4, teacher of the National School of Architecture of Paris-Val-de-Seine, gave a speech entitled "Europeàl" time of sustainable construction "by introducing the European campus style (natural, community and residential three in one), exposing the design and application of sustainable construction in Europe.
The French architect of IFADUR Guillaume FARAUT, on behalf of Thomas Richez, president of Richez Associés, made a speech entitled "The practice of the tramway in France", presenting advantages of the tramway during the last 30 years which brought revolutionary changes to the urban landscape in France and Europe, at the same time he stressed the space of future cooperation with Chinese cities.
Finally, Mrs. Violaine ALLAIS, urban planner, environmental engineer, professor of "Strategy and regional planning" at the Paris-Sorbonne University, had worked for the Office of Urban Planning of Paris, made a speech entitled "Taking environmental issues in the schecha director of the Ile de France region "and interpreted the strategy of sustainable development in schecha director of the region Ile de France.
In the afternoon, the experts present at this symposium visited the China Construction 4.0 exhibition with great interest and discussed with guests in different professional fields from B to B.
Second day Qingyan Guiyang city
On November 30, the second stop of the 5th Sino-French Forum on Architectural and Urban Sustainable Development was held in the ancient town of Qingyan, Guiyang.
Under the chairmanship of Secretary General Li Li-guo, Ms. Sun Xin, Deputy Secretary of the Cultural Tourism Innovation Zone Administrative Committee of Guiyang Huaxi, Deputy Director of the CMC, Qingyan Town Party Secretary, Professor Huang Yong, Dean of the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning of the University of Guizhou, Mr. Thierry Melot, President of IFADUR France, gave the opening speeches respectively. Subsequently, the French experts made remarkable presentations successively.
Third day Shenzhen
On December 1st, the 5th Franco-Chinese Symposium on Architectural and Urban Sustainable Development was held in the office of the Planning and Land Resources Commission of Shenzhen.
Ms. Lu Jia, Deputy Secretary General of the Shenzhen Planning Association, and Mr. Terry Melot, President of IFADUR, gave opening remarks respectively. Leaders and experts from the Shenzhen Land Planning and Development Research Center, the Shenzhen City Planning Corporation and the Shenzhen Urban Planning Association have loudly confirmed the speeches of the French experts.
France's technology and capacity in the field of architectural and urban sustainable development are among the highest in the world. In recent years, high-level policymakers in China have paid increasing attention to the sustainable development of urban and rural areas, green building and new human-based urbanization. In this context, this symposium is very important to promote the exchange of experiences between China and France in terms of construction urban planning, opportunities for cooperation in related fields and the sustainable development of China's cities.