The Second Tourism Development Conference of Hebei Province and the Opening Ceremony of Jieshi National Park Exhibition Hall
Abstract: On September 16, 2017, Jieshi National Park Exhibition Hall of Changli County, Qinhuangdao City was formally opened. IFADUR was invited to attend the opening ceremony and the "Blue Book of Innovative Mode of China's National Park" was released with the "Changli Wine Industry Development Blue Book". As the one of the venue of Second Tourism Industry Development Conference in Hebei Province, the Knowledge Museum opened on the 17th, IFADUR France director, Jieshi National Park Chief Planner Thierry Melot introduced Changli National Park's ten core design concepts to the Provincial Party Secretary Zhao Kezhi, provincial governor Xu Qin, vice governor Wang Xiaodong , Mayor of Qianghuangdao City Zhang Qin and other leaders and guests.
On the morning of September 16, 2017, Mr. Melot, as the designer and chief planner of Jieshi National Park in Changli County, Qinhuangdao City, with Mr. Li Li Guo, Director of IFADUR China, and the founder of the French LM firm Mr. Mouly, as well as other Chinese and French experts in other fields, were invited to attend the opening ceremony of this National Park Exhibition Hall. And released "Blue Book of Innovation Mode of China National Parks" and "Blue Book of Changli Wine Industry Development": the "Blue Book of Innovation Modes of National Parks in China" From the Why Do We Need National Parks, Global Experiences of National Parks, Innovation Modes of National Parks in China, Changli National Parks Experiment - Jieshi National Park and Jieshi National Park Innovative thinking of five parts, the history of the development of national parks were summarized, The unique charm of Qionglai National Park was elaborated with multiple angles. The "Blue Book of Changli Wine Industry Development" introduces the world famous wine producing areas, analyzes the status and existing problems of Changli wine industry in-depth, and puts forward countermeasures and suggestions.
Jieshi National Park Exhibition Hall is China's first National Park exhibition center, a building area of ​​3500 square meters. It uses a variety of forms of presentation, showing the world coordinates, world parks, strategic ambitions, Ten Books of Jieshi, life waterfalls, waterfalls and East Jieshi's cultural monuments and other seven aspects, spread Changli culture to tourists at the same time. All directions show the history, value and future development of the National Park, providing visitors with a versatile space for knowledge, recreation and leisure.
As the coordinator of the National Parks Project, IFADUR has organized a strong team of experts. Through several dialogues between experts from China and France, Mr. Melot's proposal of the "Ten strategic principles of sustainable development" as the starting point, Changli Jieshi National Park is considered as the turning point in contemporary China in urban and rural areas and land consolidation and development of, the real urban and rural development into the era of sustainable development. The entire team of experts completed this challenge with the following three core directives:
- Make Changli a model project by building self-sufficient ecotourism, the development of high-quality industries in vineyards and mixed farming.
- Make this themed project the heart of a national park as a model for the restoration of the natural environment.
- Confirming that this measure of sustainable development dominated by CFLD can balance economic benefits with social fairness.
September 17 -18, Second Tourism Industry Development Conference in Hebei Province officially began in Qinhuangdao. With the theme of "building a world-class coastal recreation and tourism resort", Changli County, as an important branch venue of the conference, highlights "eco-county" and promotes the production and life style changes with the force of ecological civilization. Changli County relies on the unique ecological resources of the grape valley to build Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei creative leisure agriculture transformation demonstration project as the goal, to achieve the grape industry chain idea development, to create a new model of rural tourism.